Today is truly a day for all, kids and adults alike!

During the day, let’s focus on the kids. Today is National Education and Sharing Day! We should all take the time and emphasize the meaning of this day. Make sure the kids have fun in school so they continue learning. The best place for kids to learn the importance of sharing is at school so why not send the kids off with some treats to spread kindness with. As you know, kids could get a little messy so one of our Liege waffles could be the easiest and best ways to go. They can enjoy it at room temperature during snack time or lunch!

Once the kids are out of school and the adults are off work, it’s time for the big kids to play! It’s National Amaretto Day! Enjoy one of our award winning Sweet Filled Waffles warmed up with a small glass of Amaretto or if you would prefer drizzle it right over the top! Maybe show the children that even as adults you should still share. Grab your spouse, friend, or family member to indulge in this well balanced treat with you.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy learning something new!