Hi Prince Waffle Lovers! It’s an interesting week as far as national days go. Let’s recap what’s happened so far in the last five days. Also, we’ll give you ideas to incorporate Prince Waffles into days like these for the future!

Monday: President’s Day! Did you have the day off? Did you spend time with your family and friends? When you’ve got a three day weekend, some people have a short trip planned or a local activity they attend. Now, Prince Waffle is the perfect size to pack up as a snack for a hike or picnic.

Tuesday: National Do A Grouch A Favor Day! Do you know someone in your life who needs a pick me up? Grab a box of waffles from your local Walmart, Gelson’s, Bristol Farms, or online here at our website and pass it along to that person, because who doesn’t like waffles right? Go put a smile on someone’s face!

Wednesday: National Random Acts Of Kindness Day! This is the day that should be made everyday because if everyone did this, everyday, don’t you think the world would be a better place! Just like stated above, grab a box of Prince Waffles and send it on its’ way with someone who needs it, someone who needs there day brighten up, or just because you feel like giving it to someone.

Thursday: National Drink Wine Day! This ones for adults only! Pair your favorite glass of wine with a Prince Waffles Flavor of your choice. Personally, we’d have a glass of white with maybe a custard filled, apple filled, vanilla Liege, blueberry Liege, or apple cinnamon Liege. A glass of red wine would pair wonderfully with one of our chocolate filled, berry filled, cherry filled, chocolate chip Liege, or cinnamon Liege.

Friday: National Chocolate Mint Day! This calls for a fun serving suggestion that is inspired by the chocolate mints you get from a restaurant after a meal. Warm up a Prince Waffles chocolate filled or chocolate Liege waffle and top with a scoop of mint chip ice cream! Yum!

If you missed these days, you still have the weekend!

Saturday: National Cherry Pie Day! Now obviously, we’re a waffle company, but guess what? We have a cherry filled waffle! Think about it, a nice warm cherry filled Prince Waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting over it. Mmm…

Sunday: National Sticky Bun Day! Have you ever tasted a warm cinnamon bun with the frosting all over it? You can create the same sticky finger treat with Prince Waffles! Grab our cinnamon Liege waffle and warm it up before you pour frosting right over the top of it! Finger licking good!