Frequently Asked Questions

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No, not exactly. Although our product is made and imported from Belgium, it is a yeast based product and therefore very different from what people in the USA know as the Belgian waffle, usually made from powder mix.
Beet sugar is a hardy biennial plant that can be grown commercially in a wide variety of temperate climates. Our beet sugar is refined in Tienen, known in Belgium as the center of sugar production.
No. All of our waffles are heat and serve and can be warmed up in a toaster or convection oven.
Yes. Our products do not contain food dyes or additives. Organic products are made with ingredients from certified organic producers and suppliers.
Yes. Prince Waffles works hand-in-hand with its logistic partners which provide a reliable temperature controlled delivery service.
Yes. Prince Waffles can be purchased online here at our website or widely recognized retailers.
All products are shipped frozen via our preferred logistics partners.
Our main facility is located in Fullerton, CA, with additional facilities in AZ, as well as NM.