Liege Waffles

Vanilla • Cinnamon • Chocolate Chip

According to the legend, the Liège waffle was invented in the eighteenth century. The Prince of Liège had requested a cake infused with chunks of pearl sugar. The cook tried baking the cake in a brioche-type waffle with pearl sugar mixed in the dough. The vanilla scent released during baking delighted the Prince and the recipe quickly became a culinary tradition, first in the region of Liège and then within the kingdom of Belgium.

Offered in 3 flavors, “traditional” vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate chip this Liege waffle is one of the life’s great indulgences, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside with bits of caramelized pearl sugar. This can be eaten for any occasion, served plain, warm or cold, or simply dressed with toppings; this dense waffle will leave you wanting more.

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