Happy Thursday Prince Waffle Lovers!

Today is a fun day for all of us! Two national days that definitely deserved to be combined together! It’s National High Five Day and National Get To Know Your Customers Day!

First of all we need to give all of our loyal customers a high five! Thanks for loving and getting waffley! Secondly, we’d like to high five those of you who are stopping by our site for the first time to check things out. We hope you like it and that you’ll stick around with us for some delicious waffles and fun!

Getting to know our customers is we strive to do on a daily basis. Since it’s the point of celebration today, we’d like to emphasis it a little more! We highly encourage you to write us with your thoughts and opinions about our waffles. Send us suggestions of waffle pairings that you have tried and loved or ones that you’re thinking about trying! Make it a fun day with family and friends to come up with new ideas to serve our waffles. Have a waffle party and let us know how it goes! What were the favorites? Who came up with the craziest waffle pairing? Enjoy it!

Have a wonderful day everyone!