Today is January 25, 2016 which means it’s National Irish Coffee Day! And what does this have anything to do with Belgian waffles? Think about it… Wouldn’t that be a great pairing for after dinner to relax after a stressful Monday? Well, it sounds great, if you’re over 21 that is. So to help you celebrate, Prince Waffles would like to send you off with a little recipe this evening.

First off, let’s get your favorite coffee brewing. Next, preheat your mug by pouring hot water into it. Once your coffee is ready, empty the water out of your mug and pour in that piping hot coffee. Sweeten your coffee with a tablespoon of brown sugar. Now, pick out the whiskey of your choice and blend in about 3 tablespoons more or less, depending on how well your day went, into your coffee. Top it with whipped heavy cream and your Irish coffee is ready for a date with one of our waffles!
Your dessert is almost complete! Grab one or two of our custard waffles. (Make sure you let them thaw out ahead of time so you have both your coffee and waffles hot at the same time!) Preheat your toaster or conventional oven. Pop them in for a couple of minutes and top with that extra whipped cream you have from your coffee!
Now all you have to do is enjoy this trip to two different European countries from the comfort of under your blankets and by the fireplace! It will warm you right up especially if you’re in this east coast blizzard right now! Keep tuning in for more waffle pairing recipes!