Good day everyone!

Today we just wanted to share a couple words of appreciation from a two consumers.

From Brenda: Ordered a three-variety (custard, berry, chocolate) assortment from QVC. First time experiencing them. Well, what can I say… sister and I love them!! Just the right sweetness, not overbearing. Thank you for the affordable price point. Will look forward to trying other flavors!

Thank you Brenda for the very nice detailed e-mail to us! We really appreciate your kind words about our product and hope that you continue to enjoy them!

From Sarah: I would just like to comment on your Cherry Filled and Chocolate Filled Waffles. I went to a newly opened Walmart in Louisiana and first saw your Cherry Filled Waffles and purchased those. They are so wonderful so I went back and found your Chocolate Filled Waffles! Those are wonderful as well! I don’t know how you make them like that!

Well, thank you Sarah for taking the time out to give us a call to let us know that our products are wonderful!

We encourage all of our consumers to e-mail or call us to let us know how you like our products. We really appreciate your time and kind words when you do so.